Election Profile: Carrie Harris

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Carrie Harris, from Homer, is running for senate for District P as a non-affiliated candidate, and she’s looking to knock off veteran Kodiak Republican Gary Stevens.

Harris works in the Fish Factory and Auction Block in Homer, and has been a cab-driver, a police officer, and has worked for both the State of Alaska and for Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

Like many Alaskans, Harris doesn’t fit into any one ideological box, neither Republican nor Democrat – her stance is pro-choice and pro-gun. Also like many Alaskans, she thinks it’s time for a change, and she wants to help bring it about.

She says she can offer voters representation.

“Actual representation. I am a person who lives here and works here every day. I believe that the voters should be represented. What they say and what they want. The voters should be leading the legislature, not the other way around.”

To help fix the budget, she says an income tax may be appropriate.

“But not until we actually go over the entire budget and start doing some serious cutting. The travel budget is a little extensive, if you open up the Alaska check book, you can see that there is some major issues there. Super projects obviously have to go and our oil tax credits have no reason to be based on worldwide profit and loss. That’s ridiculous.”

She’s on Homer’s Cannabis Advisory Commission and says she would like to see the cannabis industry bloom. She pinpoints the gaming industry as another possible area of growth.

“We do need to raise more revenue and there are ways to raise revenue that are not included in taxes. Alaska’s a great state that people visit all the time. It’s time to bring in casinos and the Powerball. Those both bring in a lot of money. And that’s a little bit of extra industry with a lot more jobs.”

Harris also identifies unnecessary expenditures.

“There’s a problem. All the excessive travel is a problem. The per diems are a problem. You’re charging the people, and it’s not just with the PFD, because now they’re wanting an income tax also. You’re charging your constituents for your playtime and your new toys. The frivolous spending has got to go.”

One solution she suggests is using Skype to join meetings.

Harris is seeking election to the Alaska State Senate for District P, which Republican Gary Stevens currently represents, in November.

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