AT&T Tower Issues Mean Loss of Coverage

logo-w-sunburstKayla Desroches/KMXT

AT&T subscribers may have noticed a drop in coverage, and it’s not just in Kodiak. James Mitchell Poulos is a Sales Representative with Spring Mobile, an authorized retailer, and says the store has been getting calls all morning.

“Basically there’s a tower down in California that is not operational right now and it’s somehow not relaying anything to Kodiak and so the Kodiak area is down along with some coverage area in the Lower 48.”

Mitchell Poulos said Kodiak employees are working on keeping a line of communication open with AT & T.

“As far as technical questions or anything else like that, we’re doing our best to try to contact them through internet messaging, and like I said they don’t have an ETA, and that’s all they want to release at this time because they don’t want to give any false hope out. They’re trying to do their best to keep the coverage going.”

The outage seems to be widespread, but as of noon, AT&T had not made a statement through its website or social media.

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