Community Plans for Hydroponic Growing Facility

logo-w-sunburstKayla Desroches/KMXT

The organizers behind the 2016 Kodiak Strong Planning Day are reaching out to the community to stand behind the goal of establishing a hydroponic growing facility.

Merissa Koller Williams, Healthy Tomorrows director and Planning Day organizer, says the hope is that the facility will be powered using renewable energy.

“You can grow a lot of stuff in really small spaces by basically pumping fertilizer through the water, and there’s several different ways to grow – you can grow them vertically, you can grow them horizontally in really skinny little rows, but the basic is like you’re pumping water through that has fertilizer in it.”

She says the produce from that facility could go towards the food co-op, an initiative from last year’s planning day.

Tonight is the kick-off meeting for the hydroponic facility idea. Koller Williams says she hopes people will sign up, help plan how the facility might look in Kodiak, and otherwise create a powerhouse of ideas.

That meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. at Kodiak College.

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