New Executive Brings non-Profit and Social Media Savvy to Threshold

Kodiak’s recycling center, which is also a reliable place of employment for many residents with developmental difficulties, has a relatively new executive director who is just wrapping up her first three months on the job. Stephanie Mason took over the helm of Threshold Services on October 1st.

“Once I heard about threshold and Threshold’s mission, I was so excited about the interview. I actually met with Ken Reinke, that’s actually who I met with first. And he put me in touch with our president, Chris Lynch,” Mason said. “I was given the opportunity to be the executive director and I’m so excited to be in this position.”

“She went right ahead and was manning the Threshold booth at the non-profit event they had at the convention center,” said Lynch. “And so she started networking right away with all the other non profits. She been talking to people around the state regarding vocational rehab and education. There are a lot of regulations coming down, so it’s a learning curve for everybody and she’s coming in right at the right time.”

Mason has a passion for non-profit work, and a degree in “community psychology.”

“Which is similar to social work,” she said. “And it focuses on how community affects one’s psyche and mental health and overall health. So that’s kind of my passion. And I also have a background in working with non-profits.”

If you’re on social media, you may have seen an increase in posts about Threshold, both from the organization, and from its volunteers. That, says Mason, is by design.

“Threshold wasn’t really active on Facebook, so I realized with Friends of Kodiak, Swip-Swap and all of those, that maybe that was the way to get people’s attention about Threshold, what we do, our mission, as well as volunteering.”

A recent post-Christmas Facebook item thanks nearly a dozen volunteers and the 297 cars that visited the “Recycle Haven” at Threshold’s facility on Von Sheele Way to drop off what appears in the accompanying pictures to be tons of wrapping paper and other recyclables.

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