Salvation Army Stands Ready in Kodiak

Majors Dave and Lola Davis. Salvation Army photo
Majors Dave and Lola Davis. Salvation Army photo

Right about now, on the tail end of a cold snap with holiday bills coming due and taxes around the corner, many families on the edge might find themselves struggling financially. At last week’s Kodiak City Council meeting, Major Dave Davis reminded the community that the Salvation Army can help.

“The Salvation Army here in Kodiak has received some funds from the city to help people with electricity and heat and fuel, things like that,” he said. “Currently, I think a lot of folks don’t actually understand we have funds for that.”

Davis encouraged those in need not to wait until the last minute to seek assistance, because that just adds to the cost and hassle.

“What I would really encourage people is not to wait until you are out of fuel. Don’t wait until your electricity’s shut off, because it costs a fairly substantial amount to get it back on,” Davis said. “So if you can see you’re not going to make it, come, get help before they shut it off because it costs additional monies to turn it back on.”

A quick phone call to Kodiak Electric revealed a residential service reconnection during normal business hours costs $125, while one outside of business hours is double that, at $250.

Major Davis said that his wife, the Salvation Army’s other Major Davis in Kodiak, can help:

“Major Lola is usually in the office from 9 to 5, sometimes later,” he said. “So come see us if you need help. Anybody can need help at any time; don’t be embarrassed.”

The Kodiak Salvation Army headquarters is at Mission Beach.

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