Kodiak Hockey League to Compete in Eagle River

Two hockey players face off on a frozen lake. Tyler / Flickr
Two hockey players face off on a frozen lake. Tyler / Flickr

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Kodiak Hockey League will participate in the tier 4 state tournament this weekend. Members of KHL get the opportunity to travel all over North America to take part in hockey competitions, but for this coming state tournament, they’ll head to Eagle River.

Carly and Hannah Glover are both members of the KHL and describe the thrill of the sport.

“It’s so fun and fast. And you can be as competitive as you want. Especially here in Kodiak, you can hit all the boys that you want when they make you mad.”

Carly and Hannah’s father, Kodiak Hockey League President John Glover, says he got involved with KHL because of his kids. He says his girls were into all kinds of sports, and hockey was the winter selection.

“And I got them involved early with Parks and Rec… Kodiak Park and Rec used to run a kind of a youth hockey program, fairly short season, two months, but that’s how my girls got started. And then, henceforth about that same time, I was like if they’re gonna be on the ice, I should be too, and I had a buddy that was leaving, gave me some gear, and next thing you know I started playing too.”

The 16 and under and the 18 and under Groups will participate in the competition this weekend. KHL’s regular season ends Saturday.

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