2017 Ron Sears Memorial Bench Press Results



Participants in the 9th Annual Ron Sears Memorial Bench Press (from l. to r.) C. Kavanaugh, D. Clarkston, A. Dolph, M. Griffin, L. Knight,
A. Canavan, P. Smitley, A. Smitley, C. Pierce, J. Pedersen, H. Norton, D. Warren, A. Mells, J. Fortaliza, L. Mendez. Not pictured, G. Stapleton


The bench press is an annual fundraising event for KMXT, hosted by Lindsay Knight’s Kodiak Athletic Club and in memory of long-time KMXT volunteer and board member, Ron Sears. This year Jurey Fortaliza set a new Men’s Half Body Weight lift record with 140 reps of 75 lbs, breaking Hadji Wight’s record of 138 reps of 75 lbs set in 2012. Fortaliza also holds the record for Men’s Full Body Weight lifts at 41 reps of 160 lbs set in 2016.

9th Annual Ron Sears Memorial Bench Press Results

 Women’s Half Body Weight

 Angie Smitley   55 lbs x 44 reps
Jenny Pedersen   70 lbs x 34 reps

Women’s Full Body Weight

 Heather Norton  150 lbs x 2 reps

Men’s Half Body Weight

 Jurey Fortaliza  75 lbs x 140 reps (New Record!!)
Luis Mendez  100 lbs x 111 reps
Derek Clarkston  95 lbs x 74 reps
George Stapleton  100 lbs x 55 reps
Aaron Mells  85 lbs x 54 reps

Men’s Full Body Weight

Dakota Warren  230 lbs x 20 reps
Chris Pierce     180 lbs x 19 reps
Phil Smitley  210 lbs x 11 reps

Special Olympians


Chris Kavanaugh  90lbs x 48 reps
Aharon Dolph  80lbs x 24 reps


Morgan Griffin  25 lbs x 30 reps
Amy Canavan  70 lbs x 24 reps





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