Baranov Museum Teaches Public How to Care for Personal Treasures

logo-w-sunburstKayla Desroches/KMXT

Alaskans safeguard their treasures in museums, libraries, and national parks, but also inside their own homes.

A lecture tonight will teach Kodiak residents how to look after precious objects and keep them safe, clean, and intact.

Baranov Museum Curator of Collections and Exhibits Alana Blumenthal will lead the latest installment in the museum’s History Speaks series.

She says she’ll cover preserving textiles and baby clothes and hanging art and album covers.

“I’ll talk about different framing techniques that you can use, museum quality glass, acid-free free mounting equipment and that kind of stuff so that you can hang it in your home and protect it from UV light and dust in the air and even how to hang it best in case of an earthquake so that it doesn’t shatter.”

She’ll also touch on how to clean objects using common kitchen products like vinegar or tomato juice.

The lecture will begin at 7 p.m. tonight at the Baranov Museum.


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