Kodiak Arts Council Hosts Gold Rush Themed Auction

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The Kodiak Arts Council will hold its annual auction this weekend.

The council has been around for over fifty years, says Council Board President Veronica Costa Bolton, and the council not only raises money for the organization, but also exhibits local talent.

“People donate art pieces, prints, sometimes original works of local artists, and it’s an opportunity to see what’s there. We also get wonderful donations from local businesses, including boxes of fish from our seafood processors, so it’s called [the] Arts and Adventures Auction.”

The $15 entry fee comes with lots of catered foods and, for the more colorfully inclined attendees, the chance to dress up.

Last year’s auction theme was pirates, and some members of the crowd wore striped shirts, tattered pants, and hooks. This year, the attendees should pursue a more 19th century look for what Costa Bolton says will be a “gold rush” theme.

“We will have a costume contest, so if you have a vision of what you would have been looking like back in the 1800s, feel free to dress up. There will be prizes for that. As well as an opportunity for wonderful things such as Stake Your Claim. So Stake Your Claim is a program that we’re starting for the Early Buyer’s Club.”

She says that gives attendees early access to the space between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday and the chance to survey the items.  The Early Buyer’s Club is free for Arts Council members and 10 additional dollars for non-members.

Doors open for the auction at 6 p.m. that night, and it’ll be at the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center.

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