Skoda Releases Second Kodiak-Inspired Commercial

Pat Branson in a screen capture from Skoda’s new commercial. Courtesy of Skoda

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Czech car maker, Skoda, has released a second commercial filmed in Kodiak.


Last year, a film crew dropped by the island to create a commercial for the first model playing off the island’s wild, untamed reputation.

They featured City Mayor Pat Branson in a plot where Branson had decided to change how the city of ‘Kodiak’ is spelled.

In the video, she goes around town changing signs to reflect the switch.

“It’s a reference to the new Czech Republic Skoda Car named Kodiaq with a Q. This is pretty exciting. Putting us on the map worldwide.”

In 2016, Skoda also invited Branson to Berlin, where they presented their SUV to an audience and handed Branson a check of $25,000 for the Kodiak Community Foundation.

In the new commercial, Branson returns in a starring role with a fresh car model, but a similar theme.

This time, local do the naming.

“The Alutiiq word for car is kaar’aq. The Inuit people would call it ruq because of the arrow. How about if we combine them to Karoq?”

On its website, Skoda calls the Karoq compact, modern, and tough.

It was unveiled earlier this month in Stockholm.

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