Sum’Arts Registration Opens

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Members of Kodiak’s crafty population have rallied for this year’s Sum’Arts for Kids, a series of classes through the Kodiak Arts Council that teaches children the many different types of art: from fiber to theater.

Arts Council Education Coordinator, Brianna Gibbs, says a few of the classes tap into Kodiak’s natural charms, like a nature journaling course where kids go hiking and record their impressions or another trendy class where children paint rocks and hide them around town.

“[A] majority if not all of the classes are led by Kodiak locals, and anyone who isn’t currently living on island has been a former resident, so I think that just that in itself brings a place based art format to the classes.”

Kodiak artists are well-known for their hands-on fiber arts, as evidenced by the multiple quilt and fabric stores in town. This year’s selection of Sum’Arts classes includes Introduction to Cross Stitching, Fabric Dyeing, and Silk printing.

Gibbs says most of the classes cater to 7 to 13-year-olds, but this year, the council has tried to expand the options for the younger crowd.

Gibbs will be leading a Mini Masters art history course for 4 to 7-year-olds, which she says is a good age to introduce kids to famous art styles.

“Their minds are so open that they don’t always see that, oh, that’s a bowl of fruit. They might say I see big splashes, or I see these colors. And then you can ask them to look closer and say, well, do you see brush strokes? Do you see movement in the painting? And once they’re able to understand that, then they can do it on paper themselves.”

Gibbs will also be co-teaching an improv course for Sum’Arts.

The entire program will go from May 30 to July 28. Registration is currently ongoing.


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