Wildlife Guide and Local Cuisine Business Hits Fifteenth Season

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A local wildlife viewing service, which includes locally-sourced meals in their package, just reached its fifteenth season.

Marion Owen and her husband Marty run Galley Gourmet, and Owen says they take guests scouting for birds and other animals – such as puffins and otters – and wrap up with a picnic featuring local produce and seafood.

She says she grows most of the vegetables herself.

“Sometimes I have a little fun with our guests, and I’ll hold seven kinds of greens and say this’ll be in your salad. And they’re beautiful. I mean, it’s a rainbow of greens. And sometimes I’ll pass out the salads and say you have 20 different vegetables in your salad, and people are amazed we can grow such a variety of food here.”

She says the business sprung from an event Kodiak Chef Joel Chenet held sometime after 9 / 11 to fundraise for the victims’ families.

She says Chenet had asked to use their 40-foot vessel for the event.

“During that dinner cruise, Joel approaches Marty and says, wow, you guys could make this into a business. Marion likes to cook, I could help her with some menu ideas, and that’s how it was born. And that was 15 years ago.”

Owen and her husband have been hosting cruise ship passengers and Kodiak visitors ever since.

ourist attractions and companies across the island should be gearing up for the summer.

The first cruise ship of the season arrives Friday

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