After 10 years, Kodiak’s Relay For Life is Still Going Strong

080728.relay_1.jpgMitch Borden/KMXT

This year is the tenth anniversary of Kodiak’s Relay For Life. Since it began, Jerry Clark has been a part of organizing it. He’s been the logistics chairman, team development chairman, and this year, he’s the event lead.

When Clark first got involved with relay for life he didn’t plan on participating for such a long time, but then things changed.

“I thought I’d be at it for a few years, but it became nearer and dearer as unfortunately cancer hits closer and closer to home. My mom is a two time breast cancer survivor, my grandmother passed when I was ten. But now I have employees have battled and survived or have had loved ones lost and I’ve been able to help them with resources and I don’t see me stop doing this anytime soon.”

The money Kodiak’s event raises goes to the American Cancer Society. Which supports a variety of resources for cancer patients like:

“They help pay for flights to and from anchorage, they help pay for hotel stays, they help pay for rides from the airport to your appointments and back. They have a look good feel better program. The list is endless.”

This year’s Relay for Life is at Woody Way field in Kodiak. There are 21 teams participating. There will be music, zumba, and much more.  It will begin at 12 p.m. on July 29 and finish on Saturday at noon.

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