Aimee Williams Hired as Discover Kodiak’s New Executive Director

Mitch Borden/KMXT

Discover Kodiak recently hired a new executive director. After almost five years, the local tourist bureau’s former executive director Chastity McCarthy decided to step down so she could move to Arkansas to be closer to family.

When Aimee Williams heard that Discover Kodiak would be looking for someone to fill McCarthy’s position, she was excited. Williams said,“I always thought that, ever since I found out what she was doing, that her job just was the ultimate in fantasticness and I just thought I’ll never get it cause Chastity is never going to leave that and when I found out she was leaving I knew that I had to apply.”

Williams isn’t new to Kodiak. She’s been in the community for about five years. After living off island for awhile, she and her family moved back last July when the Coast Guard stationed her husband here.

The Discover Kodiak board of directors eventually announced that Williams would be the new executive director. Since this decision, McCarthy’s been able to focus on her move rather than stress over who’ll take her spot. McCarthy stated, “The hiring of Aimee has made it a lot easier because now I know who’s getting the job and I see that it’s in capable hands and I think that it will move forward and be a better organization.”

Williams isn’t too worried about figuring out her new responsibilities because, at its core, this job is about sharing a place she loves with other people. According to her, “When you really like where you live and someone’s going to pay you to tell people about it, it just doesn’t get better than that.”

Moving forward, Williams wants to improve Discover Kodiak’s social media presence and draw more year-round tourists to the region. For more information about Discover Kodiak go to their website,

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