Chamber of Commerce Fills Community Relations Director Position

Dana Haynes. Courtesy of Haynes

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Chamber of Commerce has hired someone to fill the position of community relations director, and it’s the Alutiiq Museum’s former gallery manager.

Dana Haynes takes over from Stephanie DeLaGarza.

In her new role, Haynes will put together local political forums, organize events like Crab Fest, and serve as a liaison between local businesses and other parts of the community.

Haynes says the chamber’s mission lines up with her own consumer habits.

“Y’know, I care about Kodiak, and I care about the local businesses here, and I always am thinking about how can I shop locally and how can I support my community, and I think going to work every day and having those questions be the top questions on my mind as part of my job is really exciting.”

Haynes says she’s only been in the position for a few days so far.

She says she’s looking forward to speaking with all the community members who call or drop by the Chamber of Commerce during the week.

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