Fireworks in the Monashka Area Cause Disturbance

Over the weekend, a large explosion was reported in the Monashka area on the Facebook group, Friends of Kodiak. Many stated that they could feel the shock waves from this explosion and some said they felt their homes shake.

According to Megan Peters of the Alaska State Troopers, a trooper was dispatched to the scene after the explosion was reported. She says the cause turned out to be a large firework. The officer advised those who were setting off the fireworks to keep the noise down and then left the scene, says Peters.

The Borough permits fireworks to be fired between June 15th and July 15th, but not within city limits. And that’s as long as it doesn’t cause a disturbance.

According to Tom Quass, the Kodiak Island Borough Code Enforcement Officer, the Borough does limit the kinds of fireworks that are allowed. They must be fireworks that can be bought in Alaskan stores, which according to Quass includes, “Roman Candles, skyrockets with sticks, helicopter type uh type rockets, cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, wheels um, aluminum torches.”

If it’s a product that cannot be sold in the state or if it’s a firework that’s modified beyond the legal specifications it is illegal to use. If fireworks are used outside the permitted periods, individuals can be fined between $100 to $500. Quass also wants to remind those shooting off fireworks that they are responsible for disposing of used fireworks properly.

This year’s summer firework season will wrap up this Saturday. The next opportunity to set off fireworks will be at the end of December.

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