Without Fines, SWAB Tries Warnings and Education for Proper Garbage Removal

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Members of the borough Solid Waste Advisory Board say there’s an ongoing issue with people leaving large items where they don’t belong. That means Alaska Waste employees and Kodiak Island Borough maintenance mechanics need to drive around to dumpsters and transport items, anything from radiators to TVs, says Engineering and Facilities Department Director Bob Tucker

Tucker says they’d like to fine people, but they’re not permitted under borough code. Until they are, they’ll have to rely on verbal warnings.

“The cans already have stickers on them, and now we have ginormous signs we’re gonna put on every dumpster site. We already have ‘em. They’re here. But until we get a little further up to the food chain here and somebody tells us to start writing tickets, all we’ve been able to do is call the person and say, hey come and get your stuff or we’re gonna come after you.”

Threshold Services executive director Stephanie Mason says they need to make an effort to provide an education to the public.

“I don’t think people realize, everything we literally bring in stays here or has to be shipped off.”

SWAB spoke about educating both adults and kids. They suggested doing more outreach in the schools and giving students tours of the landfill.

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