Port Lions is Getting a New Fire Truck

Mitch Borden/KMXT

A fire truck was recently donated to the city of Port Lions, but there are still some details to be worked out before it arrives. Kathryn Adkins, Port Lion’s city clerk, says the community was looking for a substitute for their current fire truck because it’s old and needs repairs.

“ We wanted to get that over to Kodiak, but we didn’t want to be without a fire truck. So we were made aware of a couple of trucks that were available for donation.”

The Anchorage fire department was retiring two vehicles. Adkins says the Port Lions city council asked the municipality of Anchorage to donate the older truck of the pair. After a few months, they finally heard that they would be receiving a 1992 E-One 4×4 Pumper Truck.

This whole process has taken around six months and it’s almost finished.

“Now we’re just trying to get the title switched and headed this way.”

When it does arrive, Adkins wants to see the new fire truck spark more interest in the community’s volunteer fire department.

“I hope that it will incite a little more involvement in the volunteer  fire department. I think with the new truck will be a little more rekindled excitement and people will really want to be more involved.”

Port Lions is still planning on repairing their old fire truck, so it will eventually have two operating fire engines. Adkins thinks their new fire truck should arrive around mid-September.

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