Yoga Class to Feature Baby Goats

Baby goat. James Nord / Flickr

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Goat yoga is a hot new trend in the fitness world, and it’s coming to Kodiak next weekend.

The practice takes a typical class and throws some baby goats into the mix.

In videos online, the animals bounce around and climb onto people’s backs. Depending on where they are, they may graze on some grass or nap near the yogis.

Kodiak Baptist Mission Assistant Executive Director Kelli Foreman says her coworker sent her one of those videos.

“Then we were talking in the office and we thought, well, wouldn’t this be fun if we got our baby goats and we did that? Part of our Heritage Farms programming over there is we milk goats and, to milk goats, you’ve got to have baby goats, and the baby goats end up being the main attraction anyway.”

Goat yoga will be part of the lineup of activities for the Kodiak Baptist Mission’s Pioneer Weekend.

Foreman says the class filled up within hours, but there are plenty of other activities like goat milking, yarn spinning and dutch oven cooking.

She says they’ll continue all day on August 12.

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