Assembly Candidate Profile: Jeff Murray

Jeff Murray. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Murray)

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

There are eight people running for the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly this year. To help our listeners get to know the candidates, KMXT will be airing profiles of them every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to the election.

KMXT sat down with Jeff Murray to discuss why he wants to be on the borough assembly.


Texas born Jeff Murray has lived in Alaska for more than 20 years and feels he embodies a frontier-meets-southern attitude.

“My view on a southern outlook is you fend for yourself, you have a really good sense of duty, you care for other people in your community, you care for the family, and you have a strong work attitude, and I think those match with Alaskans real well too.”

He says he believes a lot in civic duty and it’s time for him serve the community. He says he can draw on his real world experience.

“I’m not much of a politician, but I do have a pretty wide background. So, thanks to the Navy, they sent me all over the Pacific. I’ve had the chance to deal with a lot of different cultures and a lot of ways to approach issues and problems.”

Murray says he wants to make sure people get the right representation, especially on the fiscal front.

“Finances are tightening up for everybody. The money for the state and local governments and stuff is getting really difficult to manage, and there’s a lot of people that feel that they’re not getting a good representation on their taxes and different financial incentives that are traditionally out there.”

He says as an assemblyman he would keep a close eye on the commercial and environmental sides of the fishing industry.

Murray is fond of sport fishing himself, and he fits in alongside activities like hunting, woodworking, and writing historical fiction.

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