Assembly to Vote on Small Lot Zoning

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

One item up for public hearing at the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly regular meeting Thursday is aimed at making more housing options available.

The housing ordinance would establish a new zoning district to make it possible for people to build smaller homes. Both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the assembly have so far taken issue with some of the ordinance’s specifications.

Assemblyman Matt Van Daele, for instance, said at last week’s work session that he may introduce an amendment that gets rid of the acreage requirement. The current draft states that to establish this zoning district, there needs to a minimum land area of 1.5 acres that can be separated into 10 or more lots.

At the same work session, Assemblywoman Rebecca Skinner imagined what it might look like for at least 10 homes to be on one piece of land.

“If I think about driving down Woodland Drive and coming upon a little enclave of tiny mini houses, to me that seems like it’d be much more jarring than having a mini house here and then a mini house over here kinda interspersed among the larger lot sizes.”

Other assembly members expressed concern that it would change the character of the neighborhood if one property could hold multiple small homes.

If established, the new zone would be called the Residential Small Lot Single Family District. If the assembly decides at its coming regular meeting that it’s unable to come to a decision, it may postpone the issue to another date.

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