The Borough Assembly Postpones Deciding if it Should Create a New Zoning District

Mitch Borden/KMXT

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly may create a new zoning district, which could make more housing options available. At its regular meeting last week, the assembly held a public hearing for an ordinance that’d make residential small lot single-family districts possible. The new district would allow the development of small parcels of land for single family homes.

After hearing public comments, assemblyman Dennis Symmons urged the assembly to postpone its decision on the ordinance. He believes more time is needed to fully understand how it will affect the borough.

“In the two years I’ve been on the assembly this is one the most profound things in front of us and this no matter what the outcome is. It’s gonna give a facelift to our community like we haven’t seen in the 21st century.”

Other assembly members agreed that taking more time to look over the ordinance would be a good idea, but Assemblyman Dave Townsend was not one of them.

“I think we should be passing this tonight based on how it is written. This is something that planning and zoning has worked on for a long time. They’ve put a lot of thought and energy into this. I think we could talk about this for the next year and still not get the ideal ordinance that everyone is looking for. I think we should vote on it as is and move on.”

The assembly voted 5 to 1 to have another public hearing for the ordinance and to postpone their vote until later this month.


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