Kodiak Fisheries Work Group to Downsize

Cold Bay, AK (Photo: K. Mueller, USFWS)

Kayla Desroches /KMXT

The city and borough’s joint Fisheries Work Group is looking to reorganize itself.

Right now, it’s required for three representatives from each the Kodiak City Council and Kodiak Island Borough Assembly to sit on the advisory group. However, not all work group members consistently attend.

At a meeting yesterday, some members agreed it would be more efficient to lower the requirement to two representatives from each governing body.

The potential change comes at a time when the assembly itself will shift around.  Eight candidates are up for three seats on the assembly.

At the meeting, Assemblyman Kyle Crow pointed out both he and Assemblyman Larry LeDoux are leaving the Fisheries Work Group.

LeDoux’s time on the assembly is up, and Crow said he’s asked to exit the group so he can join different committees.

“The frustrating part of it a little bit about it to me is that the structure of the group – the character of the group is going to be such much different next month, do we hand this box of parts to them? Is that fair?”

On the city side, the council representatives may not be so different. The current city mayor and two council members are running unopposed in the municipal election Tuesday.

LeDoux spoke in favor of streamlining the work group.

He also said that, looking back at his time on the assembly, his service on the work group is one of the things he’s proud of.

He drew on a Dr. Seuss quote to describe the work group’s role.

“Sort of like the Lorax… I speak for the trees for without me they have no voice, and in our community we’re the voice of the fishing economy on Kodiak and some of the complex issues that are facing us. And they are complex, but where in our community do we talk about complex fishing issues and have a common table for people to bring them up?”

Work group members agreed that two representatives from the assembly and council would be sufficient, especially when there are other committees to fill. They also decided to move the monthly meeting time from the morning to the evening to make it more convenient for the work group members, most of who have day jobs.

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