Set Designers Guide Stage Transformation

Carrie Pigage (left) and Anda Saylor (right) painting an early 1960s Manhattan scene for the community production “It Happens Every Summer.” (Photo by Kodiak Arts Council)

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The Kodiak Arts Council invited a father-daughter team into Kodiak this week to lead a community theater set design workshop.

They conducted the class Sunday and, for the rest of this week, helped volunteers prepare the set for the Arts Council’s upcoming performance of “It Happens Every Summer.”

Brian and Anda Saylor are from Anchorage and say they’re a theater family. They also work together professionally in behavioral health, which they say gives them time to participate in the Anchorage Community Theatre.

Brian says they spent a lot of time this week choosing color swatches, painting backgrounds, and choosing furniture.

“It Happens Every Summer” takes places in the 1960s and Brian says they had to take the bold, primary colors of the costumes into consideration.

“And so, making sure that the set doesn’t compete with that. Sometimes, if there’s a red costume and the person sits down on a red chair, they disappear.”

Set design takes a lot of planning to make sure the colors combine in the right way.

Anda says they got a hold of a large, red couch the crew named Ruby.

“As soon as we put even just the corners of the walls up, we brought in Ruby so we could make sure there’s enough room for her and that the colors that the walls were gonna be would go along with that.”

The Saylors say they hope to get the majority of the set work done by the time they fly off island on Saturday.

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