Event Encourages Shopping Local

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A two-day event this weekend will help support the local businesses along Mill Bay road.

Uptown Shop the Rock will include food trucks, live music, and art. Participants also hope it’ll attract members of the public who’ve never visited their shops before.

Every year, local businesses face more and more competition from online behemoths like Amazon.

The Frame Shop’s Sarah Culbertson says one benefit of shopping in town is that the money cycles back into the economy.

“So, if you spend money at a local shop, that shop owner will take that money and spend it on advertising, spend it on other products that they get locally, and then, of course, their tax dollars as well stay in the community and help pay for things that we as a community use.”

She points out that there’s also the instant gratification of seeing and feeling the product and walking out with it that same day.

Alex Turner, who runs Alexandra’s Salon at Ardingers Fine Furniture, also stresses the in-person bonuses.

“I think when you buy local you know that the service is there to back it and, if there’s a problem, we’re here to fix it.”

According to the Frame Shop website, there are a total of 17 businesses taking part. It’ll be happening all day Friday and until 7 p.m. Saturday.

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