Two Vehicles Are Vandalized at the Kodiak Island Borough Building

Oil in the storm drain. (Photo courtesy of Matt Van Daele/ Deputy City Manager)

Mitch Borden/KMXT


The Kodiak Fire Department was dispatched to the Kodiak Island Borough building to respond to an oil spill. What Kodiak Fire Chief Jim Mullican found when he arrived was two vehicles with broken windows and used motor oil poured in, on, and around them. One of the vehicles was owned by the City of Kodiak and the other by the borough.

Mullican says it’s clear whoever did this was trying to cause malicious damage.

“We’ve responded to vandalism stuff in the past. I’d have to say this is a first that someone’s used motor oil in this way.”

There was a storm drain near one of the vehicles. Responders did what they could to contain the oil and prevent as much as possible from going down it.

“We were able to clean up what we could get after, but we’re unsure how much got into the storm system itself.”

This is a problem, according to Mullican, because the drain leads to Kodiak’s harbor.

“It just not damaging the vehicles, but it actually got into the environment, into the storm drains. Which, you know, we’re a fishing community. Oil in the storm drain, down into the harbor, does that to our fish is not a good thing.”

Both vehicles were taken to a local dealership to have the damage assessed and, says Mullican, the Kodiak Police Department is currently investigating who’s behind the vandalism.

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