KHS Travel Club fundraises for summer trip

Students from the THS Travel Club at the Black Friday Pop-up Shop. (Photo by Mitch Borden/KMXT)

Mitch Borden/KMXT

On Black Friday in the Kodiak High School cafeteria, people were able to do a little holiday shopping at a pop-up shop put on by the KHS Travel Club. The event was to raise money for the club’s upcoming summer trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Alexis Jackson is a teacher at the high school and helps run the club. She says the travel club started earlier this year after some students expressed an interest in experiencing other cultures. Students from both the high school’s travel club and the art club will be going on the trip. Members of both groups turned out to fundraise at the pop-up shop.

“The students have made some beautiful items to sell. You know that are baked items. We have the art club selling raffle tickets and then we also have several other booths with vendors.”

Other than baked goods, patrons could buy jewelry, make-up, chocolate, jams, and jellies. The clubs are trying to raise as much money as possible because the trip across the Atlantic will be pricey.

“It’s about between $4,000 and $5,000 per student. So, you know, we’re just hoping to make a little bit here and there. So we’ll just keep trying. If we made a few hundred dollars today we’d be really excited.”

Gage Johnson is a freshman who’s working to raise money for his trip. Going to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco will be his first time out of the country. He’s excited to try some new food and experience new cultures.

“You know just going over there and just seeing how different people live in a foreign place just seems cool to me.”

About 10 students will go on the trip in May. Before they leave they’ll learn about where they’re going and how to travel safe and light. The clubs will continue to raise funds by putting on events and looking for other sponsors.

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