Students at Kodiak College may see their tuition go up in the near future

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The University of Alaska’s board of regents is considering raising the tuition for students taking base level courses at Kodiak College and Prince William Sound College. The hikes would only affect base level courses, but those are the majority of the courses Kodiak College offers.

If passed tuition would go up about 20 percent over the next two academic years, which worries Alan Fugleberg, the campus director of Kodiak College.

“Well it concerns us, obviously, because it impacts our students”

The reason the University of Alaska board of regents is considering raising tuition for both Kodiak College and Prince William Sound College is that their students, for some time, have paid less for classes than students at other UA colleges, says Fugleberg.

“This is an effort to norm the tuition so it’s the same across all campuses across the university.”

Kodiak College just saw its tuition go up about 10 percent this year. Fugleberg says he doesn’t know how raising the tuition, even more, will affect students.

“That remains to be seen. Can’t read the tea leafs, unfortunately.”

The UA board of regents will hold a meeting on November 9th. Approving the tuition rate for the next two years, which includes raising tuition at Kodiak College,  is listed as a discussion and approval item on its meeting agenda.

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