The Borough Assembly approves the rezoning of Emerald Isle Estates

Mitch Borden/KMXT

At its work session last night, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly rezoned the parcel of land known as Emerald Isle Estates from R3-Multifamily to R1-Single-Family Residential. This piece of land is where Jackson Mobile Home Park used to be.

The owner of the piece of land, Kevin Suydam explained why he wants to change the zoning of the land during the ordinances’ public hearing.

“Our purpose to rezone it seems backwards. Usually people want to rezone to go for multi, but we want make a nicer secure housing development for some of us folks that wanted to have a quiet neighborhood.”

Assemblywoman Rebecca Skinner asked administrative official Bill Roberts how much the new lots of land would cost after rezoning. Skinner was curious because of discussions the borough’s had about the regions need for affordable housing.

Roberts said estimated the residential lots will cost around $50,000 to $60,000, maybe more if the lot has a view of the ocean. He thinks some could potentially cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Assemblyman Kyle Crow said he appreciated Suydam’s right to do what he wants with the land, but he wouldn’t support the rezoning.

“I do not see this as being a public necessity as the community is in need of affordable housing, which could be provided by more denser development. Which the status quo does permit. So this request is contrary to public necessity.”

Suydam is planning on making a subdivision out of the tract of land, which is still in its planning process. The Assembly voted 5 to 1 in favor of rezoning. Assemblyman Scott Smiley was not present at the meeting, so he did not vote.

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