Kodiak City Council work session ends early due to a lack of quorum

Mitch Borden/KMXT

The Kodiak city council was supposed to have a work session last night but was unable to fully proceed with the meeting because there weren’t enough council members present. A majority of the council must attend a meeting to constitute a quorum and allow the meeting to go on as planned.

Mayor Pat Branson and Councilmen John Whiddon, Charlie Davidson, and Gabe Saravia were able to make it to the work session, but the rest of the council was absent.  The council did receive citizens comments from some of the members of the public who were in attendance, but the council couldn’t discuss anything brought forward.

Since the council didn’t have enough members present to hold a full work session, it was unable to decide when to reschedule the meeting. A work session should be scheduled to make-up for last night’s session at the council’s agenda-setting meeting later this week.

The city council is still planning on having a regular meeting this Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Kodiak Island Borough Building in the assembly chambers.  

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