Suspect arrested for robbing Petro Express

Mitch Borden/KMXT

A person has been taken into custody by the Kodiak Police Department for the recent robbery of a gas station in the city of Kodiak.


KPD officers arrested Blake Still yesterday (Dec 13) morning for Monday (Dec 11) night’s armed robbery of the Petro Express on Mill Bay Rd. KPD Police Chief Rhonda Wallace says he was identified and found with the help of tips from community members. She says information given to the police was compared to security camera footage of the crime.

“Based upon that we were able to develop the suspect, who is Blake Still,  and we went ahead and moved forward with an arrest on him. So he is currently in custody.”

Wallace says officers did not have any trouble arresting Still. The police did obtain a firearm, but no money from the robbery was recovered.  Wallace is thankful for the assistance KPD received from the community. She believes without it the investigation could’ve taken much longer.

For those who may find themselves, victims of a robbery, like this one, Wallace says the best thing to do is comply with the demands of the robber and pay attention. Remembering what a perpetrator looks like can really help police.

“The clothing, maybe the shoes, how tall they were. Those are things that help us as law enforcement when we come to investigate.”

Blake Still has been charged with committing the armed robbery of the Petro Express, but the investigation is ongoing according to Chief Wallace. She also says the arrest and charges do not mean Still committed the crime. He’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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