Multiple thefts reported just outside of Kodiak

Mitch Borden/KMXT

Two cars and a variety of other things were stolen over the weekend from residents of Cliffside Drive and Otmeloi Way. Two neighborhoods outside the city of Kodiak.

Currently, the Alaska State Troopers are investigating the thefts. The vehicles were both recovered. One near where it was stolen and the other inside Kodiak’s city limits.

Sergeant Cornelius Sims is the supervisor of Kodiak’s State Trooper Post. He says the other stuff taken includes:

“Tools and chainsaws and then debit cards, you know personal stuff left in vehicles.”

Other than the cars, there have been 9 reports of stolen property according to a press release by the troopers. Sims thinks there’s a possibility that more victims could come forward because some people may not have realized their possessions are missing.

Since the thefts happened in such a short time and so close to each other, Sims believes they’re connected. A lot of the property was taken out of unlocked cars, sheds, and people’s yards. Sims says to deter future burglaries people can take certain precautions.

“Lock your vehicles, you know at the end of the night. Lock storage sheds you have. Secure items you have inside.”

Sims says if anyone realizes they’ve had something stolen to call the state troopers right away. The investigation is ongoing.

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