A marijuana based business may soon start in Bells Flats

Greg Egle hopes to sell his marijuana to dispensaries around the state. (Photo courtesy of Marihuanay Medicina/Flickr)

Mitch Borden/KMXT

Marijuana may soon be grown on Kodiak Island for commercial distribution. But there are a few hurdles the owner of Bells Flats Botanicals needs to clear before that can happen.

“I’m not in a big hurry for anything. It’s just going to be a fun way to do a semi-retirement income and it will be great.”

Greg Egle, builds and repairs fishing nets, but about six months ago, he created Bells Flats Botanicals and applied for a limited cultivation facility license from Alaska’s Alcohol & Marijuana Control Board.

He wants to use a small room off his current workshop to grow and sell marijuana to dispensaries around the state. His business wouldn’t sell to individuals and he wouldn’t process the marijuana, just grow it.

“I think it’s going to be great. Just sitting in there, trimming plants and just kinda watering and real zen-like. Just quiet and make a few dollars.”

The state approved his application, but before he can start growing he needs to get a few licenses and permits from the Kodiak Island Borough and create a fire and safety plan with the region’s fire marshal.

Then, he says, he’ll go through an in-person inspection by an AMCO representative to make sure he’s met all of the state’s requirements. There are some who don’t approve of Egle’s business venture, but he doesn’t think it’ll cause any problems.

“Some people might be frightened there will be signs or smells or people hanging out, but not the case. No, It’s a business, I’ll be following all the rules and I don’t want any of that other stuff. I just want a quiet place to grow some plants.”
If everything goes well, Egle is hoping to plant his first seeds around April and harvest his first batch of marijuana later this summer.

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