Artist turned teacher to lead class over spring break

Megan Ivanoff at her place of work. (Photo by Kayla Desroches / KMXT)

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

For some students, spring break is a week-long rest from the inside of the classroom and an excuse to enjoy an open schedule. Others would prefer a more active relaxation. The Kodiak Arts Council is hosting a series of art classes to appeal to that section of the student body.

It’s tapping into local talent to lead kids in classes like wood sign making, with Megan Ivanoff. KMXT dropped by the high school to speak with her.


Kodiak-born Megan Ivanoff wants to be a teacher.

One of her current roles is assistant to the Kodiak Island Borough School District Superintendent. He also happens to be one reason why she’s leaving the job.

“Larry LeDoux, when he started on as a superintendent, he knew I had a bachelor’s degree and he was like ‘Why don’t you become a teacher?’ And I never thought I would become a teacher. I like working with youth and younger kids.”

She says she’ll start student teaching next year.

“I love Kodiak, and I’m probably gonna be a lifer here. I want to contribute to our future. I love learning, and I love college, and I want kids to find that opportunity to go to school after high school and come back and contribute to our community.”

Ivanoff also runs a small business where she makes signs and home décor. She says she turned to art after the passing of a close friend, who had been an artist.

“It just hit me that the world is so full of color, and there’s so many opportunities to express yourself, and that’s how I got into art. Art is one of those things I can express and share that with other people in Kodiak.”

She’ll do that, and combine teaching and art, as an instructor with the Arts Council’s Spring Arts for Kids.

Ivanoff creates wooden signs with colorful script, and some of her pieces decorate the office where she works. She’ll lead a two-day class next week.

“I’m guessing the next day, I kinda want them to do their last name or their name or they could gift it to someone else. Mom or dad or whoever.”

The class will run Thursday and Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. The other classes are journal making with handmade paper, crafting driftwood frames, and creating reusable bags using stamps students will design themselves.

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