Pillar Mountain gate is found in Mission Lake

View from the top of Pillar. (Photo by naql/Flickr)

Mitch Borden/KMXT

After the City of Kodiak’s gate to Pillar Mountain was stolen sometime around April Fools day, it’s been a mystery where the gate disappeared too. Well, until earlier this week.


Recently, while on patrol, the Kodiak Police Department animal control officer spotted a large metal gate in Mission Lake.

“Basically, a little bit in the water right on the shoreline there. It was a matter of putting on some extra tuffs and going out there and pulling it out.”

Lieutenant DJ Clumpner, of KPD, says the gate turned out to be the one that was stolen from the road leading up Pillar Mountain. It was keeping motorists off the seasonal street for the winter, which some Kodiak residents disliked.

The gate was stolen at the beginning of the month around April Fools Day and Clumper says KPD is still investigating who stole it. He also says he’s surprised the gate was found intact with little to no damage.

“I expected it to be cut up. [I] can’t tell you how surprised I am it’s in one piece.”

The city plans on reinstalling the gate as soon as weather allows. The road leading up Pillar Mountain is still technically closed to motor vehicles with or without a gate, according to city officials. The road’s condition will be reassessed on April 15th to see if its safe enough to be opened back up to the public.


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