Kodiak feels tropical at 78F and breaks a 1941 record

Kodiak Sunrise. (Photo by LaniElderts \ Flickr)

If you were in Kodiak this morning, it felt more like Hawaii than Alaska.

John Selman, a meteorological technician with the National Weather service in Kodiak, says the warm temperatures are due to northwest winds.

“Anytime we get a northwest flow, and we all know that it gets really hot in the interior. We get all that warmth that kind of funnels down towards Kodiak,” said Selman. “And with that northwest flow it is almost guaranteed that we are going to break 70.”

By 12:56 p.m. it had reached 78 degrees. That’s a record breaker.

The former record was 75 degrees on this day in 1941.

The record low was 39 degrees in 2011.

Selman adds that with a northwest flow comes windy weather, especially in channels.

Northwest winds are predicted to continue into midweek.


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