School Board prepares for possible Karluk School closure

While the school district is hopeful that Karluk School will be able to come up with the three students it needs to stay viable, a contingency closure plan was approved Monday night.

The Kodiak Island Borough School District Board of Education at its regular meeting voted to approve the Karluk School Closure plan. As explained at the meeting the advance approval is necessary for a quick closure in the event that the school can’t bring its numbers up.

The State of Alaska only funds schools which have at least 10 students. The cut-off date is in October. Fewer than 10 students means an immediate cut of $300,000 in state funds to the district.

The district has carried low-enrollment schools in the past, but can no longer afford to do so.

The village of Karluk is hopeful it will get the extra three students by the deadline.

In the event the student numbers don’t come up, last night’s vote means the school district will be able to close the school on November 1.

School District Superintendent Larry LeDoux told school board members that it should be evident in advance whether or not Karluk will meet its goal. He added that the school district is ready to help the village school anyway it can to bring in those extra students. And that the district will continue to treat the students as its own even if the school closes.

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