Borough Assembly approves its capital construction priority list


School and road projects on the list


The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly on Thursday voted to approve its list of capital project priorities which it will send to state legislators in hopes of funding.

The list states which projects the borough sees as most important, and includes school and road projects.

Site or proposed road upgrade and repair. This intersection often floods when heavy rains sends water over the banks of nearby streams. Google Maps.

Borough Manager Michael Powers summarized the list for the assembly during its regular meeting last week


“We’ve included Peterson Reroof, East Elementary traffic improvements, drainage improvements for Chiniak and Sergent Creek, safe pathways at North Star, sidewalks, and service area road improvements. And then the seventh items is the Anton Larsen Road extension.”


Two of those items met with some resistance. The sidewalk push button lights to allow people to cross Rezanof, and the Anton Larsen extension.

Assembly member Julie Kavanaugh questioned the need for the million-dollar school crosswalk light system.


“Recently the State of Alaska has installed lighted signage….I would like to put that on the back burner at this point.”

Assembly member Scott Smile voiced objection to the “flashy lights.”

“I disagree. The flashy lights are nice….than flashy lights that are constantly on.”


Ultimately the assembly left the push button lighting on the list. However, it was an unusual vote in that there were more in attendance in favor of deleting the lights. The vote was three to two to remove, but assembly rules require a majority of the full assembly to pass a measure. Because of absences, the yes votes did not meet the voting threshold necessary for the measure to pass.

The other item of concern was whether or not the Anton Larsen Road would be a public access road or remain in private hands. Borough Manager Powers  said that he has been told that there are precedents for having the road be a public right of way.

Assembly member Kavanaugh said, at this early point in the process it doesn’t matter.


“All we’re doing is say that this road, if it were developed, and if the corporation could get it funded, that we see that it would be a benefit to the Borough of Kodiak. That there might be some economic benefit. That there might be some access benefit. There might be some life and safety benefit. All we’re saying is that it’s a priority.”


The assembly voted to keep the Anton Larsen Road extension on the list of priority capital projects.


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