Tsunami experts share new findings on need to go higher than 100 feet

Major quakes could cause tsunamis that would go higher than 100 feet.

Events for public to learn more on Wednesday and Thursday.


Kodiak residents have for decades heard the term “the 100-foot tsunami zone” to describe the area above which they need to go in case of a tsunami.

But now new scientific information has shown that 100 feet isn’t high enough to escape the waves generated by tsunamis that are possible for the Kodiak area.

Experts on tsunamis are in Kodiak this week to explain the latest findings and to discuss creating new maps of the area to show people where they need to evacuate to in the event of a major earthquake and tsunami.

Jack Maker, with the Kodiak Island Borough Planning Department is helping to coordinate the presentations.


“And they’ve been putting together new tsunami inundation maps between all that has been learned between now, and even the ’64 Earthquake. You know we’ve had these big tsunamis and the presentation’s about how our tsunami inundation zone has changed. As well as how long it actually takes a person to walk out of the inundation zone to certain safety check points.”

The public has an opportunity to learn more about the new tsunami information.

Wednesday afternoon, at 1:30, the two experts with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute will share their findings in the Borough Assembly Chambers.

Thursday the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will host the geologists at its work session which begins at 6:30 in the School District Conference Room.

The goal for local planners is to assembly all the new information into a new evacuation map for the Kodiak area. They hope to have the map available by late spring.

KMXT’s Talk of the Rock yesterday featured the two tsunami experts along with Maker. We discussed new scientific works related to tsunami heights, the reasons for the changes, and emergency preparation in general.


CLICK HERE to listen to Talk of the Rock that half-hour program.

CLICK HERE for map on new inundation zones.

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