Air Station Kodiak and CGC Midgett team up for second medevac in two days

Patient showing symptoms of appendicitis

Airlifted 24-year-old male off F/V Ocean Peace

MH-65 Dolphin was still in Cold Bay delivering first patient


The Coast Guard Cutter John Midgett and a Kodiak Air Station helicopter crew made a second medevac in just two days’ time this week.

USCG Cutter Midgett. Photo: US Navy via



In addition to Monday’s medevac of the man with chest pains, the two Coast Guard units teamed up a second time on Tuesday to medevac a crewman from the fishing vessel Ocean Peace.

In fact, the helo crew had not quite finished the first medevac before being called out for the second.

According to a Coast Guard press release, watchstanders at the 17th District Command Center in Juneau received notification by Discovery Health Force Partners on Tuesday morning that a 24-year-old male was displaying symptoms of appendicitis. Watchstanders briefed the duty flight surgeon and requested the Ocean Peace head toward Cold Bay.

The Ocean Peace was located approximately 115 miles north of Cold Bay.

As timing would have it, the MH-65 Jayhawk crew was still in Cold Bay after delivering the first medevac patient. After finishing up with Patient Number One, the air crew flew to the Ocean Peace and hoisted Patient Number Two and flew directly to the Cutter Midgett to refuel. It then transported the patient to Cold Bay where he was placed in the care of an aircrew contracted by Discovery Health for transport to Anchorage.

Lt. Commander Orion Bloom, the command center chief for Tuesday’s medevac, said that cutters with helicopters onboard are essential in the Bering Sea due to the vast distances they travel to complete a mission.

The on-scene conditions at the time of the hoist was 6-foot seas and 12-mph winds.


 NOTE: This post was updated to replace photo with the new Legend Class Cutter John Midgett.

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