City Council wants input on how to develop Near Island


Tuesday work session includes public comments on Near Island

Reality TV about Kodiak cops moves closer to reality

Work session begins at 7:30 at library


The Kodiak City Council, tonight will tackle a wide range of topics at its work session this evening.

What should Near Island look like in future? PHOTO: Taken from Near Island Plan.

Among them are Near Island development, reality TV, the public’s right to access certain police records, and local sales tax for online purchases. (See separate story on online sales tax.)

Since it is a work session and not a regular meeting, the council can take no action tonight.

Top on the agenda is a special public input period to take comments on proposed plans to develop Near Island. Several options are being considered ranging from minimal development to maximum development.

Public comments are limited to three minutes each.   Maps of the various options are on the city’s website.  

CLICK HERE for Near Island plans.

Also on the website as part of the agenda packet is a contract between the City and the company wanting to produce a Reality TV show based on the Kodiak Police Department. The contract contains the usual waivers and insurance requirements, but offers a behind-scenes-look at Reality TV.

For instance, participants are referred to as ‘actors’ and the production company is required to portray the city and anyone acting at the request of the city in a positive and favorable light.

This is just a proposed contract, the city council may wish to make changes, and it is possible the show will fall through. If that is the case, the production company is required to give the city 30 days’ notice of its decision to not produce the show.

In other matters, the council will review possible changes to public access to city records, including law enforcement video recordings.

The draft ordinance, which will be taken up for action at a later council meeting, proposes a 30-day waiting period prior to releasing video recordings not otherwise exempt from disclosure. The 30 days would start on the date of the recording.

In a memo from the city’s legal representatives, the attorney said it is possible the recording could be relevant to an internal administrative investigation. The hold period would allow time for an investigation before releasing the recording.

Tonight’s city council work session will be held at the library multipurpose room. It begins at 7:30.


CLICK HERE to go to packet for tonight’s work session, which includes Near Island development plans.

CLICK HERE for just Near Island plans.


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