Spouses Association of Kodiak’s hangar sale coming early this year

The Spouses Association of Kodiak is hosting the annual hangar sale this Saturday.

Proceeds from booth rentals will go toward the organization’s year-round community activities.


Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak. Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard.

The Spouses Association of Kodiak’s annual hangar sale is coming a few months early this year — instead of May, you’ll be able to head over to the Coast Guard base this Saturday to shop at the traditional springtime rummage sale.

According to Fallon Ranger, the upcoming vice president of the Spouses Association, the hangar sale is meant for military members and ID card-holders to sell anything they’re ready to let go of, often because they’re transferring out of the Kodiak base.

The Spouses Association is renting out booths at $15-25 each. The proceeds will help fund the organization’s community activities throughout the year.

Ranger says their activities include the Grants & Scholarship program, which provides grants to nonprofit organizations around the island and continuing education scholarships for high school seniors and military spouses. She added, “our biggie is the Santa to the Villages Program that we do every year. It supports the villages around the island, bringing Christmas to those that may not have it.”

The hangar sale has been around for at least 15 years, says Ranger. “I’ve been trying to figure that out to get an exact number. There have been people who have done multiple tours here and they were like ‘Well gosh, 15 years ago when we were here it was happening and it had been going strong already.’ So it’s a very well established event.”

Ranger expects that the hangar sale will attract hundreds of people. “I was told that in previous years the line to get into the base has been down the road back around to aviation,” she said, referring to Aviation Hill, located between the base and the airport. Ranger says they’ve already registered 50 booths, along with refreshment stands, and a bake sale from the Spouses Association itself.

The sale is this Saturday, March 30 at the Coast Guard base in Hangar 1. ID card-holders can get in at 9 am, and it’ll be open to the regular public at 10 am.

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