City warns residents to stay away from Mission Lake, Mission Beach, and Mission Bay areas

Because of raw sewage going into Mission Lake, during the Metrokin Way sewer line leak, the city is warning people to heed the posted signs and to stay away from the area. That includes Mission Lake, Mission Beach and the Mission Bay areas.

Following is part of a press release provided by the city last week.

City of Kodiak warns people and pets to stay away from Mission Beach, Mission Lake, and Mission Bay due to a wastewater leak. PHOTO KMXT/Maggie Wall.

The City will notify the public when it is safe to resume activities in the Mission Lake, Mission Beach, and Mission Bay areas. In the meantime, the City requests the public’s cooperation in following all posted signs and to avoid the area.

“Due to the length of time the overflow occurred, the City recommends citizens avoid any contact with the lake and beach, as well as abstain from any recreational use of the beach. If the public comes into contact with water or soil potentially affected by the overflow, they should shower and wash clothes thoroughly as soon as possible.” said City Manager, Mike Tvenge.





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