Fisherman Fellowship deadline extended to Friday, May 31

Time is running out for young fishermen to apply for a number of fishing fellowship opportunities for later this year.

The fellowships gives fishermen a chance to learn a different aspect of the fishing industry. Be it research, history, fish policy or some other on-shore aspect of the broad view of fishing in Alaska.

The new deadline to apply is midnight Friday.

Friday is the deadline for applying for a fishing fellowship with the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network. Photo courtesy AMCC/


“So we’re looking for active Alaskan fishermen who are interested in learning more about some of the off-season fisheries organizations and projects that are available. So these fellowships will work around our fellows fishing seasons and provide an opportunity to engage in both state and federal management processes as well as cataloging some of the history and culture of fishing.”


That’s Jamie O’Connor who is the Working Waterfronts Program Manager for The Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

She also runs and the Young Fishermen’s Program—the Alaska Fishermen’s Network. AMCC and the Young Fishermen’s Program have extended the application period to allow more people the chance to apply.

O’Connor says applicants should be active fishers between the ages of 18 and 35. The work will take place in off seasons—approximately 10 hours a week for three to five months. And fellows will be paid a stipend.

There are five fellowships total, with one of particular interest to Kodiak.


“The Alaska Longline Fisheries Association out of Sitka, they’ll be working on a media project. We have the North Pacific Fisheries Association out of Homer and they’ll be working on a community fisheries project most likely related to federal fisheries management.”


The Kodiak fellowship is hosted by Koniag and focuses on fisheries access issues.


“Also an opportunity out of Kodiak for Koniag, also working on fisheries access on either the state or federal level. And that one can be based in either Kodiak or Anchorage depending on whether they want to focus on the state access issues or the federal access issues.”


            O’Connor says the other two deal with an almanac and a history project.


“Also, the network is hosting our own fellow this year to work on the Alaska Young Fisherman’s Almanac. And we have another great opportunity out in Naknek, in Bristol Bay working on the N&N Cannery history project.”


            To apply for a fellowship, a person can go to


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