[BREAKING] Details of Governor’s line item cuts to operating budget

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy signed the state’s operating budget which goes into effect on July 1.  The governor made 182 line item vetoes.

To help you sort through it, here’s a number of links as well a recording of the governor’s half-hour press conference announcing the cuts.


Recording of KMXT’s broadcast of governor’s press conferences:
This program was made possible by KTOO in Juneau.



State of Alaska FY 2020 Budget Vetoes Items of Interest:
A quick summary of some of the major cuts, includes dollar amounts and short explanations for each one.


HB39 Operating and HB40 Mental Health Appropriations Bills Veto Summary:
Summary of the 182 line-item vetoes.


OMB FY2020 Budget Change Record:
The long version of the 182 line-item vetoes and the administration’s rationales for each of the cuts.


State of Alaska FY 2020 Enacted Budget:
Two pages of summary numbers. Page 2 shows the timeline of changes including original proposal, how much the legislature approved, how much the legislature reduced, the governor’s enacted numbers which he signed into law on Friday, and the percentage differences.


Office of Management and Budget Website:
All other information related to the state’s budget. From here you can get additional information including the entire budget bill and full line-by-line listing of vetoes and rationale for cuts.

Below are some links to specific areas inside OMB site.


FY2020 Enacted Budget

FY2020 Operating Budget

FY2020 Mental Health Budget

Operating and Capital Details by Department

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