Air Station Kodiak crews in summer rotations to Northern Alaska

Crews from Air Station Kodiak have begun summer rotations in northern Alaska as a part of what the Coast Guard is calling Operation Arctic Shield. They’ll be providing search and rescue support as well as maritime law enforcement coverage and aids-to-navigation help for the region from Bethel to the northern Alaska-Canada border.


A helo crew practices a rescue in Kotzebue this month. (Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard)


A press release from the 17th District last week explains that two MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters were forward deployed to Kotzebue in order to have better access to support remote areas of the state.

Aircrafts deployed to Kotzebue will also be assisting with a program known as the Whale, Walrus and Seal Initiative, which is sponsored by NOAA along with state universities and Alaska Native organizations. Teams will be providing support in monitoring marine wildlife stocks throughout the operation, according to the release.

According to Commander Adam Merrill, operations officer at Air Station Kodiak, as American interests in the Arctic become more significant, “the Coast Guard is committed to fulfilling our missions and supporting remote communities in this strategically valuable area.”

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