Monashka Reservoir water levels still dropping despite recent rain

Kodiak saw some rain this week and last, but that doesn’t mean the city’s voluntary water use restriction is being lifted.

Monashka Reservoir to the right, across the road from White Sands Beach. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)

“The rain that we have gotten has not raised the level of the reservoir yet. We’re still slowly dropping,” said Public Works Director Craig Walton in a phone interview on Friday. “So until we get a significant amount of rain … we should still be cautious and conservative.” Walton emphasized that he city is still not in dire straits, but conservation is important in case the city continues to move toward a water shortage.

According to him, city water usage is still high since processing is in full swing — specifically with pollock in town.

In mid-August when the voluntary water restriction was announced, Walton reported the Monashka reservoir, Kodiak’s primary water source, was down four feet from full. Even with the recent bit of rain, it’s still going down. “We are [at] almost 6 feet now,” he said.

Rain is in the forecast for the weekend and through next week, according to the National Weather Service. Walton says the reservoir doesn’t necessarily need to be full for the restriction to be lifted, but he’d like to see levels come up. “Anything is going to help, and you’re right, we’ve got some rain next week. It’s all going to be good,” he said. “At this point the level is still going down a little bit every day.”

The city’s suggestions for limiting water use include keeping plant watering to twice a week, reducing showering time, and washing only full loads of laundry and dishes.

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