Borough Assembly welcomes new members, says goodbye to outgoing

The Borough Assembly ratified the results of the October 1 municipal election at last night’s meeting. Shortly after, the newly elected mayor, Bill Roberts, and two assembly members, Duane Dvorak and Scott Arndt were sworn into office. Roberts and Dvorak are new to the assembly and Arndt is an incumbent starting another term.

Duane Dvorak and Assemblymember Scott Arndt take their oaths of office for Borough Assembly. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)
Newly sworn in assemblymembers sign certificates of election.(Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)
Deputy Clerk Alise Rice swears the new Borough Mayor, Bill Roberts, into office. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)
Bill Roberts displays the certificate of election declaring him the new Borough Mayor. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)
Kodiak residents present at the meeting applaud the new mayor Bill Roberts’ swearing in. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)

The assembly and staff also made warm presentations to outgoing Assemblymember Scott Smiley and Mayor Dan Rohrer. Rohrer gifted Smiley the Dr. Seuss children’s book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” along with some Bach recordings. Assemblymember James Turner added what appeared to be several pounds of rex sole to Smiley’s gifts.

“Mr. Smiley, we certainly appreciate your service on the assembly. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better and serving with you,” Rohrer said, adding, “For those of you that don’t know or haven’t served on this type of board, one of the side benefits is having the voters decide who your friends are going to be.”

Assemblymember James Turner hands outgoing Assemblymember Scott Smiley a box of rex sole. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)

Borough Manager Powers in turn presented Rohrer with a box of gifts labeled “Jet Ski Safety-Pack,” a lighthearted jab at the mayor’s minor watercraft accident over the summer. Rohrer was also given a more serious parting gift, a metal sculpture of a fish, engraved with his name and dates in office.

Rohrer expressed gratitude for his time in office, as well as his starting goal for assembly members to be more willing to share their opinions on government issues — a goal they have ostensibly achieved.

“I really, really appreciate the fact that the assembly is willing to share their thoughts and opinions, even though it does make our meeting slightly longer sometimes, he said. “There’s some things that I’ve gotten to be involved in that I will look back on and be proud of, with Long Island and Termination Point and the new Providence lease and things of that nature. But truly getting to serve with each one of you guys and with staff. Really, really appreciate that. So thank you.”

Borough Manager Michael Powers shows the audience a parting gift for Mayor Dan Rohrer — a box labeled “Jetski Safety-Pack.” (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)
Outgoing Mayor Dan Rohrer accepts a metal sculpture engraved with his name at his last assembly meeting. (Photo by Kavitha George/KMXT)

Smiley’s comments at the end of the meeting summed up the value — and struggles — of getting to work with so many other viewpoints on assembly matters.

“The best of it is that you end up compromising. Without a personal agreement that compromise is the right solution to the problem, you won’t get very far in this kind of game. And I think that our assembly has learned … that compromise is a vital way of handling things for the people of the borough of Kodiak.”

Smiley closed out his last meeting with a quick goodbye.

“And I’m going to now take by new book, red fish, blue fish, and my Bach and go home. Thank you.”

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