Lost hunters used cigarette lighters to signal Coast Guard helicopter


Smoking cigarettes may be bad for your health but those lighters sure can come in handy when you are in trouble.

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CG Rescues Hunters

Two hunters in Southeast Alaska near the village of Klawock found that out Wednesday when their lighter flashes lead to their rescue after the flicks of light were picked up by Coast Guard infrared night vision equipment. The helicopter was searching the nearby and the hunters used their lighters to signal their location.

The overdue hunters were picked up by an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Sitka and transported safely to Klawock.


A Coast Guard Air Station Sitka MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew works to rescue two stranded, overdue hunters located near Wadleigh Island, in vicinity of Klawock, Alaska, Oct. 30, 2019. The Air Station Sitka aircrew located the men when they flashed their lighters as signaling devices. Both men were reported to be in good condition upon further transfer to emergency medical services in Klawock. U.S. Coast Guard courtesy video.


The helicopter co-pilot, Lt. Michael Klakring said it was fortunate for the men, who had no communications devices, that they had the lighters.

CG spokeswoman Lauren Dean said,


“He said, ‘The importance of a float plan, a signaling device, and personal locator beacon or GPS device, cannot be overstated in the Alaskan environment no matter how close or familiar an outing might be.‘ “


Petty Officer Dean had these additional tips to share with hunters and others who expect to be out in the field.


“So for the Coast Guard, we just really push and can’t overstated enough as well, the importance of having a trip plan, as in leaving a plan with your family, a family member, a friend.


“Make sure that you’re communicating your schedule, you check in. Particularly when you’re planning to go for a hunting trip or planning for a big outdoor trip in Alaska, especially during the winter months.


“Because it can really help our crews to limit the area searched, and also save time for searching those areas–and hopefully save your life as well.”




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