Consolidation Commitee meets Monday to consider ports and harbors, roads, EMS, and public safety

If the Kodiak Island Borough and the City of Kodiak combine into one governmental entity a number of powers and services will also need to be combined.

At tonight’s Consolidation Committee meeting, members will consider how a possible consolidation might affect ports and harbors, road services, fire and emergency medical services as well as public safety.

KMXT’s Maggie Wall has more.

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Kodiak area residents interested in how a combined city-borough government might function, may want to check out Monday’s agenda of the Consolidation Committee which is posted on the borough’s meeting schedule page.

In addition to listing which government provides what services, the agenda narrative includes a short proposal on possible discussion items.

Take the powers and services of ports and harbors which is the first of these to be discussed.

The City of Kodiak’s port and harbor powers and services extend throughout the entire harbor area, including piers, cargo terminal, and the ship yard on Near Island. The various services are paid for primarily through user fees.

The borough on the other hand doesn’t have port and harbor powers, but it does own the Anton Larsen Bay dock which it maintains through the borough’s parks and recreation budget.


St. Paul harbor. (Photo by Raymond Bucko, SJ / Flickr)


Here’s another example, the roads topic like many of the others, includes a note on what the discussion might include, such as:

  • the pros and cons of the various ways of providing road services,
  • possibly changing boundaries of road service areas to create what’s called “super” service areas,
  • or a combination–or something different.

A similar analysis is done for fire and EMS, and public safety.

Monday’s meeting begins at 6:30 in the borough conference room.

Like many local government meetings, there is a public comment period at the beginning when residents can take three minutes to share their ideas or concerns with the Consolidation Committee.


Link to Consolidation Committee Agenda



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